Sticker Sign Up

Our stickering campaign will be ongoing, so if you would like to meet like-minded people in your area and participate in this most democratic form of free expression, please sign up at the bottom of this page!

As well as the stickers we are distributing, if you would like to download and print your own stickers, feel free to use this PDF.



Sticker Sign Up Form

I am willing to be a City Captain and Coordinator(Required)
In each town or city being stickered, captains should identify streets with plenty of foot traffic, ideally where lamppost advertising is not uncommon. In larger cities, these will be central pedestrian/restaurant/shopping areas. In smaller towns, this will likely be the “old town” or “main street” part of the town. In fairly rural areas, it might make sense to do the main street of one town and then move to the next and repeat, rather than stickering outlying areas.